Botox in Brookline Turns Back the Hands of Time

You’re suddenly noticing lines and wrinkles when you smile, frown, talk, etc.

The reason? Facial muscle contractions form those expressions. Over time, repeated contractions create what are called “dynamic wrinkles,” such as crow’s feet, forehead lines, and 11s.

Botox injections address those issues non-surgically, temporarily relaxing specific facial muscles while erasing signs of facial aging.

“Erase and prevent signs of facial aging with Botox injections at Dream Spa!”

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What Botox Treats
  • Forehead creases

  • Glabellar lines (11s)

  • Crow's feet

  • Frown lines

  • Lipstick lines

  • Marionette lines

  • Bunny lines

  • Chin dimpling

  • Neck wrinkles

Treatment Type:
Duration of Results:
3 to 4 months
Sessions Needed:

Botox Before & After

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The Botox Process

Your treatment at Dream Spa Medical starts with a personal consultation. We’ll talk about your concerns and your goals, and we’ll examine your treatment area(s). If Botox in Brookline is the best solution, we’ll proceed with your treatment.

Your Dream Spa Medical provider will make a few tiny injections at precise locations in the treatment area(s). It takes 20 to 30 minutes total.

Combine Treatments for Amazing Results

Level up your Botox with a combination technique!

Facial Fillers
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IPL Photofacial
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Look Better & Feel Better Starting Today

Let our team help you on your aesthetic journey!

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Pre- & Post-Care Instructions for Botox in Brookline

Wrinkle relaxers are also known as neuromodulators or neurotoxins.